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tv   WLWT News 5 at Noon  NBC  January 18, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way. this is wlwt news 5 at noon. [captioning made possible by wlwt-tv] lisa: new developments in the police shooting death of samuel dubose. a settlement has been reached between the dubose family and the university of cincinnati. the terms of the settlement and how much the family will receive. plus -- mark: cincinnati coming out in force to honor dr martin luther king jr. a full wrap up of the ceremonies, and how a group of support for former judge tracey
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tracey hunter could disrupt the celebration. lisa: and the celebrations marched on today, despite the and while we' re getting closer won' t feel like it. good afternoon, i' m lisa cooney. mark: and i' m mark hayes. thanks for joining us. a wind chill advisory remains in effect for one more hour. lisa: but even in our warmest wlwt news 5' s miriah turner has the details on this dangerously cold weather. good afternoon. miriah: you saw there on the martin luther king video, everyone marching bundled up. that' s exactly what you need to do today. freezing cold doesn' t do any justice. i would say it' s really cold, bitter cold as you step outside your. greater sunshine -- sunshine over the greater cincinnati area. it is bitter cold outside. the windchill advisory in effect for the majority of the viewing area. especially for adams county.
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wind coming through, it will feel anywhere from -15 to -10 degrees. s very cold outside. satellite and radar showing us a radar. also seeing temperatures digits. nine degrees, almost to 10. this afternoon, we get into the low teens. things feel even colder. although we are nine degrees, it feels like minus five outside, and dayton, it feels like negative seven. the temperature change over the degrees cooler than we where we were. s a chance for a up. temperatures, hundreds still marched on this martin luther king, junior day. lisa: marches and celebrations cincinnati. wlwt news 5' s jenell walton is live with details on mlk-day. good afternoon, jenell. jenell: the crowd has made its way inside music hall for the
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program. there are people here from all walks of life. including parents and their children, college students. all gathered here to celebrate as one. the annual event started off with a breakfast at the freedom center and then the crowd gathered outside to start the march to fountain square. some of the marchers say even though it is extremely old out here, they wouldn' t miss this annual tradition to celebrate the life and accomplishments of martin luther king junior. cincinnati police chief, elliott isaac, also walked with the crowd from fountain square to music hall. marchers and community activists king' s legacy in hopes of one day having peace for all. christina brown: i think today re what we' with the historical issues that we have in society. other but also to challenge
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with segregation, and to deal with hatred. jenell: there is also a forum going on right now at the main library downtown where participants are talking about king' s legacy. jenell walton, wlwt news 5. lisa: also at today' s event for dr. king, supporters of controversial juvenile judge tracie hunter. hunter just lost her appeal of one criminal conviction. she faces retrial on eight other counts tomorrow. wlwt news 5' s john london is live inside music hall, where those supporters may try a new approach to drum up support. john, bring us up-to-date. john: supporters of judge hunter plan to be visible leading up to her retrial tomorrow. too. there is someone with a
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she is here, and she was on the praise 1230 talk show. she told ware on friday she believes the courthouse structure is conspiring to unjustly bring her down. she told ware on friday she believes there is a conspiracy against her. justice for judge hunter signs were plastered on a vehicle out in front of music hall this morning. the king day event over the years has always gone smoothly without any sort of disruption. but, we hear that could change today due to the hunter case. lincoln ware: i hear there may be some disruption today tro -- to bring attention to what' happening to judge tracie john london: if that would occur, would that be sort of self-defeating for the african-american community? lincoln ware: well, i think they s happening. really paying attention to what' s going on. if you disrupt the martin luther pay attention and say, hey,
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something. john: the gop vigorously denies any conspiracy towards judge hunter, saying her actions have been her own undoing. there is a flier going around asking supporters to rally at the courthouse tomorrow when her retrial starts. saying "she was protecting our children against injustice in the court." live at music hall, john london, wlwt news 5. lisa: john, thank you. the university of cincinnati has agreed to pay the family of samuel dubose a $5.3 million settlement, according to a statement from the dubose family and a cnn report. mark: according to the family' s statement, they' ll receive $4.85 million in compensation directly, and about $500,000 worth of tuition at uc for dubose' s 12 children. for more on what the settlement means let' s check in with wlwt news 5'
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todd an attorney who helped the : dubose family during their talks with uc says today' s news, coming on mlk day, is a very important moment, not just for the university, but for all of cincinnati. al gerhardstein says dubose' s family was intent on pursuing a peaceful resolution. he commends them for that and says with the way sam dubose died, that' s a call for justice. he died in stop dubose off-campus for plate. killed dubose. it was an incident captured on the body camera. five of later, ray tensing is awaiting trial for murder, and the dubose family is trying to move forward. al gerhardstein: they had the most violent thing happen to sam dubose that can happen from a law enforcement officer. they lost their dad, their
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responded peacefully. todd: there will be a memorial on uc' s campus and the family will receive a written apology. they will be involved with future reforms. one of the daughters of sam devoe' s -- sam dubose will be money will be dispersed. resolution bittersweet. dykes, wlwt news 5. mark: we' re also covering a developing story outside of columbus, where a police officer was shot and killed. lisa: the officer has been identified as danville police officer thomas cottrell. the sheriff in knox county says police received a call just before midnight. a woman said her ex-boyfriend had weapons and was looking to kill an officer. a short time later, cottrell' body was found behind the village municipal building.
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short foot chase. mark: police have identified the victim of a weekend homicide in westwood. he is 23-year-old kareem howell. he was found shot on a wooded trail, behind the 3100 block of bracken woods lane saturday night. howell was taken to uc medical center, where he died from his injuries. no arrests have been made. lisa: a colerain township man who lead police on a chase on i-74 was arraigned this morning. police say jason faul skipped out on bond. police and bondsmen started chasing him at compton and pippin. then faul took a loop onto 275, and then got on 74. the chase ended at faul' s home on neil drive. he faces a number of charges, including driving with a suspended license and reckless driving. his bond was set this morning at $11,000. mark: a suspect, who police say admitted breaking into three homes in amberley village, went before a judge this morning. according to court documents, delvin campbell broke into and
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and willowbrook drive last week. police say after campbell admitted to the burglaries, he took them to where he put items he stole from the willowbrook home. his bond was set at $150,000. lisa: also in court this morning, a millvale woman accused of leaving her two young children alone. according to court documents, delores williams left her 8-month-old daughter and 2-year-old son unsupervised for over four hours on saturday. she claims it was a mixup with her cousin, who was supposed to watch the children. she was released on the condition that she would appear and ordered not to have contact with the children. candidates clash in south carolina. the democratic nomination, after last night' s debate. mark: plus, the dr. martin luther king jr holiday being used as a day of service. the national and local efforts being made in honor of the civil rights leader. miriah: and the bitter cold continues today. the warmest one of the day will be in the low teens, it will
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this evening, back in the
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>> you' wlwt news 5.
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mark: a group of americans is expected to get medical check-ups in germany, after they were released from prison in iran. lisa: five americans were released over the weekend, after the u.s. lifted sanctions on iran for complying with parts of the nuclear deal. at least one of the americans decided to stay in iran. the president was positive about the deal, but says sanctions against iran remain in place for violations of human rights, support of terrorism, and its ballistic missile program. president obama as i' ve said : many times, the nuclear deal our differences with iran, but still, engaging directly with the iranian government on a sustained basis for the first time in decades has created a unique opportunity. lisa: the americans, that are reunited with their families. in commitment 2016, health care and gun control were the big topics of last night' s democratic debate in charleston, south carolina. hillary clinton, bernie sanders
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, just blocks from the site of the deadly mass shooting at emanuel ame church. former governor of maryland martin o' malley, called the issue of gun control "personal." while the two frontrunners -- argued over sanders' "flip-flops" on gun control policies. bernie sanders: well i think secretary clinton knows what she says is disingenuous, i have a d- voting record from nra. hillary clinton: i am pleased to hear that senator sanders has he reversed his position on immunity and i look forward to him joining those members of congress who have already introduced legislation. lisa: vermont senator bernie sanders also spoke about his "medicare for all" plan, while former secretary of state hillary clinton noted her support for obamacare. lisa: in washington, the president and first lady will join millions around country in a day of service. mark: last year the president and the first lady visited a boys and girls club in washington, dc, along with their daughter malia. the first family helped assemble
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and writing skills for children. earlier today, attorney general national action network' s annual jennifer pinckney will received an award on behalf of her late pinckney. he was one of nine people killed in a shooting at the emanuel ame carolina. volunteers are calling this martin luther king day a "day on, not a day off." more than 40 are helping build about six sheds for families in the habitat for humanity program. the group includes volunteers from habitat, americorps and students from mount st. joseph university. they hope their efforts break a cycle of poverty, giving families in need not only a place to stay, but also a little king' s vision. to remember the king and we'
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still fighting some of those issues of inequality and our campus chapter is focused on the housing crisis. lisa: the group says volunteers from our area also help work on in the habitat for humanity re-store. volunteers of all ages, hard at work. mark: at lighthouse community school, people spent much of adults. the human rights campaign and volunteers put together as many as 500 hygiene kits and snack bags, including oatmeal and granola bars. they also included blankets and notes of encouragement. some of those volunteers were children who say it' s important to help people in need on dr. king' s day. lisa: another march planned today in honor of martin luther king junior, in west chester. the route will start on the square at union centre at noon. high school. at 7:00 tonight, the "live the dream declaration of unity" program will begin at cornerstone church. students of lakota local schools will be recognized at the event, for their participation in an honoring dr. king'
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mark: across the river, in covington. the northern kentucky interdenominational ministerial alliance is organizing a march. it gets started at 5:00, at mlk boulevard and jillian' s way in covington. the march will end at the life learning center, where there will be a program honoring the life of doctor king. >> cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. miriah: the big weather headline for today is the bitter cold, some of the coldest temperatures we' ve seen so far this winter season. however, where is the snow in the seven-day forecast? the dental snow for wednesday and friday. we will get to friday' s forecast in a few minutes. wednesday we see an inch and a half to three inches possible. when it comes to friday, they could be one way or another. the average high 39 degrees, we stay in the low teens. the low around 23 degrees, the record low, -25. that' s the coldest temperature on record.
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record -- in the negative, the windchill factor makes it feel like it or it. sunset at 5:43. when it comes to futurecast, what' s happening in events, we' re looking at high pressure, plenty of sunshine over the next couple of days. although it' s going to be very cold, continuing into tomorrow, we still have some sunshine around. as we approach wednesday, we see low pressure making its way into the area. that will bring up the next no system. and then off to our west, that' s assembling. whether that tracks north or see on friday. right now, we are seeing on much. you take a closer look, although we are not seeing too much. we did see some flurries rolled through downtown cincinnati, as well as not washington. and under williamsburg. that has dissipated. we are looking at mostly sunny
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the most part, still in single digits. in northern kentucky, as well as hamilton, loveland, harrison, are finally in double digits. although with the windchill factors and windchill advisory very cold outside. cvg, it feels like negative five with window the west at 10 miles hour. as it made her way through the afternoon, at best is going to feel like zero degrees by the time we hit 5:00 this evening. 13 is the actual temperature, it feels like zero. that something you want to be prepared for. not that much happening over futurecast, today, mostly sunny skies, tomorrow, decent as well. wednesday morning we see the next chance for snow, anywhere from half inch to three inches, commute home. we are looking at a daytime snow wednesday. there' s a looks great, friday, another other potential snow event heading our way. subzero for the majority of the day. six degrees tonight, another
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tomorrow, mostly sunny skies and daytime snow happens on wednesday. thursday, mostly cloudy skies and the temperature trend finally going back up closer to the seasonable average. another possible snow event on friday, depending on where the storm out west tracks north or south. we' ll be talking about possible snow. mark: thank you. one of the biggest and best festivals around greater cincinnati is ending after nearly a century. thousands of people flocked to saint rita' s festival each year -- but organizers say they couldn' longer. school officials say they will focus on other funding avenues to help the school. every dollar raised from st. rita fest was used to provide tuition assistance for students at the school for the deaf. lisa: he may be wearing black and gold these days, but former uc bearcat josh harrison is back in cincinnati. he is helping local athletes prepare for baseball season. the pirates infielder is working with his brother, to put on the harrison brothers camp in columbia township.
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players as young as seven, and they are teaching the fundamentals of the game. >> we make this game harder on ourselves because we don' t keep it simple. and a lot of things that i learn from my brother when i was coming from high school, things that the was doing in pro ball, i could apply to my life in high school and college. lisa: the harrison brothers camp continues will wrap up today around 2:00. a seattle bride' s wedding was called off, but she still had reason to celebrate. mark: how she used her cancelled wedding to make a difference for families in need. lisa: plus, stealing the show. the adorable acceptance speech from a winner at last night'
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its visit] celebration over the weekend in seattle. wedding. weeks ago. invited 150 homeless women and s place shelter, to enjoy the day she had planned. dresses, makeup and hair everyone got a catered dinner, live music, and dancing. how awesome is that? comedian tracy morgan is set to star in a new tv show, on f-x. entertainment weekly says, morgan will play a criminal years, hoping to blend into morgan has slowly re-surfaced in
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crash that left him seriously injured and killed a close friend. he appeared at the emmys last year and also hosted saturday night live. lisa: the 9-year-old star of the movie "room", won over the crowd, after winning best young actor at the critics' choice awards last night. take a listen to his acceptance speech. >> this is super cool. [laughter] this is the best day of my life. i first want to say thanks, to all the critics who voted for it must be a super hard vote because of all of the other great actors in this category. i know where to put this. my millennium falcon. lisa: jacob tremblay also made a said he loves them very much. miriah: what a cutie. lisa: seriously, watch him.
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re heading out today, bundle up. that' s we' ve been saying all morning long. you want to bring the gloves, can grab. earlier today, when i said fashion sense makes no sense. just dress warm up. looking at teens, feeling like day. s going to feel like around 5:00. tomorrow, better in terms of sunshine. mark: dogs will be watching -- walking themselves. that'
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